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At 1 Hour Signs we design our layouts daily for our customers. We use state of the art graphic design software programs like Flexisign, Abode Illustrator and Photoshop to create these custom layouts. With some signs the cost of the layout is included in the cost of the sign but if there are more details to the layouts that we do we will charge a set labour fee an hour for this extra artwork. We can create the most simple of layouts to extremely detailed designs with graphic logos, colours, shading, shape and much more. With 25 years in design experience we have designed and created logos, artwork, package design, displays and many different signs for our customers. To show our customer’s different layouts of what their final product will look, working on the layout process with the customer before we go into production.


Decals, Wall & Floor Decals & Labels

Decals and labels are a very popular material as they can be used for many different purposes. There are full solid colour of vinyl’s that come in different thicknesses 2ml, 3ml, 6.5ml and come in a variety of many colours and styles, customers can also have full colour digital printed vinyl decals or labels made. In any shape or size you require. Our digital printing allows us to produce the highest quality full colour prints to enhance your graphics decals and labels. Customers use these decals for many different reasons from indoor to outdoor use. Decals are used from numbering houses, cars or boats to walls, floors and windows, numbering doors to store front window decals for advertisements. From full frosted vinyl to logos for windows. Floor decals are available with non-slip lamination. Customers also uses labels on products and machinery for many different purposes from logos to cautions or directions purposes. They are weather, heat and liquid resistant. Vinyl has different life expectancy depending on the material and thickness. Vinyl’s last from 3 to 12 years. 


Digital Printing

Our large format digital C.M.Y.K printing is created by the best digital imaging technology and up to date with UV protected ink products that allow us to produce the highest quality full colour prints in any size, shape or colour. These prints then can be mounted onto different types of materials, walls or floors. We also print onto different materials such as digital printed vinyl, perforated vinyl, wrap vinyl, wall/floor vinyl and banner material. There are many different types of lamination materials we use depending on the purpose of the sign or decals. Floor decals are available with non-slip lamination. We use colour to enhance your signs with pictures, image and graphics. Our digital process enables us to be able to colour match when we are given specific Pantone, G.R.B. or C.M.Y.K colour numbers for our customer’s logos and graphics. Digital printing can last a minimum 1 year guarantee but can lasts 5+ depending on the weathering(sun)


Coroplast Signs

Coroplaste is a very popular material up to 65% of our signs are produced in this, this is an in or outdoor material. Lightweight durable sheet made up of 3 parts, Plastic outside faces for highly printable surface with vertical flutes running through the inside core, for strength and minimum weight. There are different thicknesses from 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm & 10mm of the coroplaste. Double or single sided signs are available. This is one of the cheaper materials and yet still holds up to all of the different weather conditions. With breathing flutes that go throughout the material it is easy to slide a step stake in and then stick the sign into the ground.  This material comes in many different colours to choose from and can be cut to size you require. These signs can be created with one colour up to full colour. From just lettering to full graphics and images. Different companies use these signs for advertising, a-frames, real-estate, golf signs, construction, screen printing and much more. These signs have a large multi propose for their usage. A customer can get coroplaste signs made 24 to 48 hours after they sign off on the layout. The best cost efficient, high quality board for you sign needs. 100% Recyclable. (Depends on the municipal recycling programs)  


PVC, Sintra & Stryene

What we call PVC (Sintra) is another material we use for in or outdoor use. This material is a hard plastic that is solid and has a flat face. It comes in many different thicknesses 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12.7mm. This material comes in different colours and can be cut to size. It is a cost effective way of making a professional looking sign without the high costs of the metal signs. PVC is best for indoor use but smaller size are used daily for outdoor use. Customer use for logo display signs, office/ lobby signs, directional signs, door signs, plaques & awards. 

Stryene material is a thinner plastic material that is great for people to roll up and store. This material comes in white or white/grey. These material comes in different thicknesses .020, .030, .040, .060, .080, .118” for many different usages and is cut to size. Styrene is another material that is used for things like trade shows and bus boards.

 These materials look professional when we use them for easel displays and signage that people will be seeing up close as they have a very nice finish. Double or single sided signs are available. These signs can be created with one colour up to full colour for just lettering or full graphics. A customer can get these signs made 24 to 48 hours after they sign off on a layout. 


Alu-Panel (MaxMetal)

Alu-panel is ideal for outdoor or indoor use. Alu-panel material is a 3mm to 6mm black or grey polyethylene core with two .15 or .30mm aluminum composite faces. Alu-panel is the standard in ACP, making the material much stronger but lighter and more durable than MDO or solid aluminum panels. Resists scratching and denting better than crezon panels. The colours come with -White/MatteWhite Black/MatteBlack –Brushed Gold/Brushed Bronze -Brushed Silver, -Silver -Traffic Red/Yellow –Ultramarnie Blue/Dark Green Faces. They really give customers a very professional rich expensive look. Offers solutions for countless application types. Double or single sided signs are available. These signs can be created with one colour up to full colour for just lettering or full graphics. A customer can get these signs made 24 to 48 hours after they sign off on a layout.


Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are used daily to give directions, to indicate parking and even used for many store front signs. From Fire route signs to custom customer parking, we make and supply these signs for our customers. They come in a few standard sizes. Our customers can have them custom made with logos and graphics or just the lettering. We also have the posts and hardware for the installation of these signs.  Aluminum signs are made in different thicknesses -the standard is .051 as well as a few standard blank sizes 9x12”, 18x12”, 18x24”, 24x24” and 24x36” - we can custom make any size signs. These signs are mostly used outdoors for parking, directional and caution signage. We have 8’, 10’ & 12’ U-channel post and hardware to install the signs into the ground if needed. We also have 12’ square posts and concrete bases. Mostly there are single sided but we can do them double sided. These signs can be created with one colour up to full colour for lettering and graphics. A customer can get these signs made 24 to 48 hours after they sign off on a layout. These signs are one of our longest lasting materials.   


Banner Signs

Banners are another popular product we sell, from indoor to outdoor banners. We use outdoor banners that are hemmed and grommeted. These banners are white and we buy rolls that start at 2’, 3’ and 4’. The grommets are put into the hemmed area top and bottom and are placed every 2’. We will suggest to keep the width at 2 feet increments. We are able to make custom banners any size and they can come in a variety of colours and can be double or single sided. Banners can be created with one colour up to full colour for lettering and graphics. Street banners with ropes are available.

We also produce banner stands that are good for trade shows and teams as they are great for storage and travel. These banner stands are banners that roll up into the stand, they are printed banners that we attach to the banner stand. These banners can be easily changed using the same stand, and they are great for storage and travel.

We make full colour custom banners on our digital printer. These signs can be created with one colour up to full colour for lettering and graphics. Along with customized sizing. We will install grommets into the banner top and bottom for hanging. Banners are being used for different companies to school and sports teams for many uses.

Some customers have started using store front banners instead of plexi glass signs as they are more cost effective both in materials and installation. Customers can put a lot more information on banners than they can regular signs as banners are made larger to be able to advertise to more people. If it is for a new school program or a customer is advertising a sale or event banners are a great way to get your messages across to more of the public. A customer can get banners made 24 to 48 hours after they sign off on a layout. 


Vehicle Graphic-Wrap & Magnetics

Vehicle graphics are one of the most popular ways to get your company name out there. To advertise and let people know who you are, show your business and catch people’s attention. We do a variety of graphics from basic lettering to adding logos, graphics and picture images. We work with 1 colour to up full colour graphics. Window or body graphics can be used. We will use perforated vinyl for full coverage on back windows. Vehicle graphics are made out of different vinyl materials. We have cut vinyl lettering and graphics. This is used when we are only using 1 or 2 colours. We have regular, metallic and specialty vinyls. We can create the highest quality full colour digital printed decals that can go into the vehicles.


Vehicle wraps is coverage of the whole or half of the vehicle. This material is a special digital printed vinyl made for wraps. There is also perforated vinyl graphics that can be done on 1, 2 or full colour to go on the windows so that the driver can see out the window. 


Magnetic signs are another way customers can advertise their companies when they want and to use the vehicle for personal use when they want as they can take the signs off. These signs are usually 12x24” and can also start with 1 colour and go up to full colour. Magnetic signs can be used for the body of the vehicle. All these are one of the important materials for customers to advertise and get their company names out to their customers. What better then a moving ad? A customer can get these magnetic signs within 24 to 48 hours after they sign off on a layout. They are guaranteed for 3 years and up depending on the job and how they are treated.


Plexi & Illuminated Sign Boxes

Over the years 1 Hour Signs has produced many different illuminated sign boxes from scratch as well as replacing old ones for our customers. These boxes are made with LED Lighting, mill finish complete with EX7 Frames. Sign white Acrylic with graphics. These signs can be created from 1 colour up to full colour graphics and can go almost anywhere from store fronts to pylon signs. Illuminated sign are mostly used for outdoor purposes. We can do indoor acrylic signs with raised pins to mount into walls for logo display or directional signs. They are made from acrylic that comes in different sizes sheets and roll stock with different thicknesses. Once the signs are put together our installer will come and get the new sign and take it to the location where he will then install.  Illuminated signs are our customer’s best way to show the people their locations, who and what they are day and night. These signs usually take around a week to complete. 


Screen Printed, Engraved

Screen printed signs are used for many different purposes, mostly used outdoors. These signs are the same layout being made over 50, 100, 200, 500 times or more. The material we have screen printed on is coro and bag signs with a wire frame. These signs can be single or double sided. Screen printed signs are usually 1 or 2 colours. Digital printed signs are also available in the coroplast material. 


Engraved signs are made out of different materials usually a plastic with a silver or gold face and black engraved lettering, although there is a variety that customers can choose from. These signs are for indoor use for offices and directional signs. 


Cut Channel Lettering & Plaques

Cut channel letters are made from many different type of material from cut formed Plastic, Acrylic, Metal & Illuminated letters, Display letters, Plaques, Panels, Neon and Led signs. Most of these signs can be used in or outdoors. These are all custom made so there is a lot of information we ask from our customer to help them decide what material, size, thickness and colour that would work best for their needs. Permits and installation for these signs is available if needed. These signs work very well for the customers that really want something different and to really stand out from the everyday sign.

All of these signs can take 7 to 14 business days to be made and they all have a guarantee from our suppliers. 


Installation & Permits, Pick-up & Delivery

Installation and Permits for these signs is available if needed. Electrical work done by others. Once the sign is completed we will call or email the customers. Around 80% of our customers will pick-up their signs from the store. A group of signs will be installed by our installer or by ourselves personally. We also will have a group of signs that will be delivered by courier or ourselves as well.



Custom clothing is available please email us today!


COVID-19 & Masks, Shields, Signs


Custom Masks 3ply washable with lettering or logo 

Acrylic Shields are available in different sizes. 

Custom Coro & floor signs are available email us today!




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